Sustainability in Action at Aristi Mountain Resort

People and Planet

Local building materials that have been used for centuries in the region of Zagori, including stone, slate, and wood, together with traditional building techniques, make Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas indistinguishable from the surrounding traditional mountain villages where it is located, while inside sophisticated sustainability operations ensure that reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse (as in single-use plastics) is a guiding principle in everything they do.  

The Greek family owners of Aristi have made partnering with nearby villages a cornerstone of their local community benefit initiatives, including sourcing fresh cheeses, fruits, and vegetables from local farms, as well as unique wine varietals from Northern Greece's vineyards. A co-founder of the Zagori Excellence Network, which celebrates regional culinary and cultural heritage and brings together other local businesses to support sustainability best practices. In addition, the resort contributes to restoring and maintaining the Monastery Panagia Spiliotissa of Aristi, which dates from the 15th century.