Sustainability in Action at Blancaneaux Lodge

People and Planet

Low-profile, environmentally friendly buildings ensure that lodge and nature seamlessly connect together. Building materials were sourced locally, including thatch, pine, and bamboo. The majority of the local staff come from nearby Mayan villages and the lodge embraces Mayan heritage, including brightly colored hand woven Huipils, wooden carvings, and traditional Mayan dishes on the menu. Hydropower provides the lodge's renewable energy source, while permaculture and composting techniques have resulted in a vibrant organic garden of fruits and vegetables that supply the kitchen daily.  

Excursions with expert ecotourism guides help guests learn about the importance of the Chiquibul rainforest, which has been identified by Conservation International as one of the Earth's biodiversity hotspots — places on our planet with an exceptionally high number of rare and unique species.