Sustainability in Action at The Brando

People and Planet

Designed to blend harmoniously into lush tropical landscapes fringing pristine beaches, The Brando was carefully constructed using local and renewable building materials. The property boasts an innovative Sea Water Air Conditioning system, which harnesses deep ocean temperatures to cool tropical villas without harmful chemicals contributing to damaging climate change. In addition, the resort is powered by 3,600 solar panels.  

The Brando is a proud steward of Tetiaroa, the small atoll where the resort is located, some 40 miles from Tahiti. Once the retreat of ancient Tahitian kings, today Tetiaroa is also the headquarters for The Brando's marine science research station. Local community projects and initiatives are also working to protect its rich natural habitats and its ancient cultural artifacts, as well as Polynesia's vibrant living culture. Fulfilling Marlon Brando's dream of creating a "university of the sea," The Brando offers the vacation of a lifetime combined with sustainable tourism best practices in action.