Sustainability in Action at Wilderness Safaris Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

People and Planet

The property's onsite Hoanib Research Centre hosts resident and visiting scientists, who contribute to the understanding and conservation of the area's rare wildlife, including desert-adapted elephants, brown hyena, lions and other species.   

Built with minimal impact on the surrounding land, the camp follows strict in-house environmental standards. Hoanib proudly partners with the community-owned conservancies of Torra, Sesfontein, and Anabeb to ensure that the flora and fauna of these special ecosystems remain protected, and that local people also benefit from the sustainable tourism and research efforts at the camp. The camp also works to empower local community members in the conservancies through the  Children in the Wilderness environmental education program, as well as employment training and capacity-building opportunities for working as a wildlife guide and in hospitality.