Sustainability in Action at Wilderness Safaris Linkwasha Camp

People and Planet

Overlooking a year-round waterhole, Linkwasha offers safari lovers up-close opportunities to experience the prolific bird species and wildlife that call Hwange National Park home, from the "little five", including fascinating ant lions, to the true king of the savannah — the African elephant. In addition, sable antelope and saddle-billed storks are some of the other intriguing species to be spotted here, beginning just outside the door of the spacious walk-in tents.  

From sponsoring the Scorpion Anti-Poaching Unit in partnership with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in order to reduce human-wildlife conflict, to providing teacher training and environmental educational programmes, Linkwasha is deeply committed to its neighboring communities. The camp's initiatives help ensure that local children have access to education, nutrition, and career opportunities, while also protecting the area's abundant natural resources.