Sustainability in Action at Wilderness Safaris Mombo Camp

People and Planet

In 2001, Wilderness Safaris partnered with the Botswana government to help protect and reintroduce threatened rhinos back into the Okavango Delta ecosystem. Since then, core breeding herds of both white and black rhino have been returned to the wilds of Botswana. A Rhino Monitoring Team is based at Mombo Camp, continuing its long-term research and conservation efforts. 

Mombo Camp is 100% solar-powered, with both electricity and hot water provided via solar panels. The camp was rebuilt in 2018 and along with the successful elimination of plastic water bottles, it successfully minimized its impact on the natural environment while maximizing its connection to Africa's cultural and natural heritage. Mombo has also been the setting for numerous wildlife film documentaries, including for National Geographic, as part of its ongoing support of conservation education.