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Commission Payments to Travel Advisors

Beyond Green guarantees its current member hotels will pay commission to bona fide travel agencies on rates flagged as commissionable in applicable distribution systems such as the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) or

Member properties will pay commission for each consumed night at an eligible rate. Commission is typically not paid on most convention bookings, discount rates that are net/non-commissionable (such as government rates), wholesale rates, corporate negotiated rates, any internet-only rate programs, and any awards.

Taxes, fees, gratuities, and some package elements/add-ons are not commissionable.

Reservations booked as a hotel package – defined to include a room and other options (i.e., breakfast, theatre tickets, spa treatments or credit, etc.) – are typically commissionable for the room portion of the package only.

A valid agency number from a certified agency association (i.e., IATA, CLIA, TRUE) must be included at the time of booking in order for commission payment to be processed and paid to the travel agency after the guest checks out.

Commissions will not be paid on canceled, no-show reservations, or the lost nights resulting from a shortened stay.

Commission Help Desk

We are pleased to offer support to Travel Professionals for the payment of commissions on eligible reservations.

Assistance is available for claimed commissions that are at least 30 days after the guest departure and for reservations that are not more than 12 months past the guest departure date.

Please note the following limitations:

  • Beyond Green cannot facilitate invoice generation on behalf of a travel advisor for a hotel.
  • Beyond Green does not issue commission payments. The Commission Help Desk is a service that provides assistance to advisors for hotel payment of commission. Any change in agency address is facilitated by contacting IATAN or CLIA; advisors should contact their agency manager to liaise with IATAN or CLIA for updates.
  • Beyond Green cannot guarantee assistance with hotels that have left the Beyond Green brand, changed ownership, filed for bankruptcy or have terminated operation.

Contact Information:
Toll-free in USA and Canada: 1 877 748 2266
Direct Line : +1 312 496 6835

Commission Notable Exceptions

In some countries, hoteliers may ask an advisor for an invoice before payment is rendered. Beyond Green cannot facilitate invoice generation on behalf of a travel advisor for a hotel. Please contact the hotel directly for clarification.

For U.S. advisors, please ensure your W-9 information is up to date to avoid IRS-imposed withholding taxes. Hotels will not facilitate payment without a valid W-9 form. View more information here.

Beyond Green cannot guarantee commission payment by hotels that have left the Beyond Green brand, changed ownership, filed for bankruptcy, or have terminated operation.

Streamline Your Commission Payments

Participating Beyond Green members use Onyx CenterSource to distribute commission payments worldwide. In addition, Onyx processes commissions for over 100 other hotel brands and 60,000 properties worldwide. If you would like to consolidate all of your commissions from all hotels participating with Onyx into one payment and one electronic file, you might be interested in the Onyx SurePay service. SurePay allows your agency to get weekly consolidated payments for all Onyx hotels in your preferred currency, accompanied by excellent customer support, online reporting, and electronic files documenting each payment. Click on this link for more information about SurePay and how you can sign up.

For questions on any of our Beyond Green members, or to access Travel Advisor rates at our Beyond Green members, contact your local Beyond Green Sales Team.

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