Beyond Green Global Impact Report


Beyond Green brings together the world’s leading sustainable hotels, resorts, and lodges with membership standards centered on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, framed into three core pillars essential to sustainable tourism: Nature, Culture, and Community.

Sustainable tourism can help protect our planet’s natural environment, safeguard cultural heritage, and bring social and economic benefits to local communities. This Global Impact Report demonstrates the power of sustainable tourism by sharing details and inspiring stories about the positive impact made by Beyond Green members around the world.

Together we can make travel a force for good.

We believe our greatest strength lies in working together, as travelers, travel advisors, and hospitality providers, to ensure tourism is part of the solution. Leading by example, Beyond Green members show how hospitality can fuel sustainable development and pave the way for a better future. We hope the information shared within the report inspires you to join us and help to make travel a force for good.