When it comes to creating luxurious, authentic guest experiences, Beyond Green hotels, resorts, and lodges have sustainability at their core. From foundation to operation, preservation of community, culture, and environment is what informs and defines every detail, right down to the studs, proving that “sustainable luxury” isn’t a contradiction.

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California, USA

Since its debut in 1992 — long before sustainability was a priority for most travelers — Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California, has held steadfast to its guiding principle that “what is good for the planet can also be good for the guest experience.” It truly began with the creation of the inn itself. The use of bio-architecture was not only an intentional approach to minimizing environmental impact; it also creates a truly immersive experience for all who visit. The resort was designed and built with attention to the preservation of existing trees wherever possible, and any trees that fall on the property are reused and transformed into benches along the pathways. As many trees as possible were preserved in its development, and any trees that fall on the property are re-used and transformed into benches along its pathways. Stilted Tree House accommodations were designed to protect the delicate root balls of the trees around them. Sod roofs serve both beauty and function, blending into their surroundings for unobstructed nature views, while also reducing heat loss. And, reclaimed wood and other natural materials are all thoughtfully chosen to complement rather than compete with the inn’s breathtaking natural surroundings.

Casa di Langa, Cerretto Langhe, Italy

At Casa di Langa, in Italy’s Piedmont region, beautiful things happen when commitment to the environment matches commitment to a luxurious experience. With architecture and design inspired by its natural setting— vineyards, a hazelnut orchard, and a vegetable garden — the estate is a sustainable sanctuary at the foot of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recovered rather than rebuilt from an already existing structure, it features locally sourced and recyclable building materials, and interiors include elegant furnishings and textiles of Italian origin. The environmental dedication that influenced its creation continued when Casa di Langa opened in 2021, and from that moment, it has pledged to be carbon neutral, use recycled water for irrigation, geothermal heating, solar power, and more. Its deep respect for nature and the planet equally instills in its guests a genuine appreciation and reverence for this stunning region.

andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Namib-Naukluft Park, Namibia

It might seem a tall task to strive for sustainability and luxury in the heat of the African desert, but andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge delivers both, harnessing the power of Namibia’s intense sun to generate heat, energy, and even shade. Its efficient roof design accommodates solar panels that sustain the lodge’s essential functions, from air conditioning to refrigeration to a fully independent hot water system. Even its sophisticated water treatment and recycling system is solar-powered, generating more than 100,000 liters of gray water monthly. Precious rainwater is harvested, and plunge pools are covered when they’re not in use to mitigate evaporation. Thoughtful use of resources ensures luxury rather than sacrifice, even in this extreme environment.