Meaningful Experiences In Central and South America

Things to Do
Destinations across the region offer guests once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to connect with the community and culture.

An important component of traveling “gently” is immersing yourself into the rhythm and flow of a destination and connecting with the local community and culture through authentic experiences that not only enhance your journey but also create a lifelong connection to the destination. Every Beyond Green destination offers opportunities to embrace the culture in ways that will surprise and inspire you.

Arenas Del Mar

Enjoy an Up Close Costa Rican Rain Forest Encounter

From listening to the howler monkeys to bird-watching excursions and nature hikes after dark, you’ll discover many ways to experience the wildlife that surrounds Arenas Del Mar, a sustainable luxury resort in Costa Rica ideally located between a flourishing rainforest, miles of uninterrupted Pacific Ocean coastline, and a private 11-acre nature reserve. In-house naturalists are always available to help you spot monkeys, sloths, and other rainforest residents at the resort. They will also lead you through the adjacent Manuel Antonio National Park, nearby Carara National Park, a birders’ paradise, and Barú National Wildlife Refuge, home to several endangered species including tapirs and pumas, and Marina Ballena National Marine Park, where migrating humpback whales can be spotted hanging out hang along the coast. All tours are small, private, and relaxed – the guides offer you all the time you need.

Rain Forest Encounter

Imagine exploring the rainforest after dark when the rainforest really comes alive. At night, your sense of hearing will heighten as you tune in to the rainforest’s nocturnal chorus, and your guide will introduce you to red-eyed tree frogs and snakes, rare owls, translucent grass frogs, eyelash vipers, and other wildlife who prefer the nightlife.

Discover Chile’s Adventure Playground

andBeyond Vira Vira

In the picturesque Araucanía region of Chile’s lake district, andBeyond Vira Vira is surrounded by dramatic landscapes of glacial lakes and national parks. The 34-acre estate, with a modern working farm, an organic farm-to-table vegetable garden, and a cheese factory, offers a range of unique experiences for outdoor enthusiasts and every level of adventurer to experience the fascinating cultural and culinary heritage of Chile’s Mapuche people.

Choose from guided treks through Villarrica and Huerquehue national parks, dogsledding, helicopter tours, heli-fishing, and mountain biking; or if you prefer to engage with nature more quietly, try a drift boat excursion down the Liucura River to Villarrica Lake, catch-and-release fishing, birdwatching, relaxing in one of the hot tubs, or Shinrin Yoku (forest therapy), the soulful practice of being in nature.

Liucura River

Through guided community visits you will learn first-hand about the unique culture of the Mapuche, an agriculture-based community indigenous to this region. Explore the town of Curarrehue in Chile’s Lake District and watch as a traditional Mapuche weaver works her loom, and Doña Rosario will welcome you to her ruka (traditional house) where she will prepare lunch for you using age-old cooking methods – sharing the tools and traditional techniques she uses.